The Weekly Wednesday: Week 8

Hello and welcome to another Weekly Wednesday! Last week we explained Medicare and how it works. Well, remember we talked about those gaps in coverage, this week we are going to tell you one way to fill those gaps. A Medicare Supplement is sold on the private market and designed to help you fill the gaps in Medicare. There are several different types of plans out there, but the most common are N, G, and F, so we will focus on those. As we talked about last week your Part A (hospital) has a $1,364 deductible. The supplement takes care of this for you. So, on a supplement, you won’t pay a single penny medically in the hospital. Then as you remember Medicare only covers 80% of your outpatient bills (Part B Medical) leaving you with the remaining 20%. Well, guess what! The supplement will cover that for you as well. None of the supplements have networks; as long as they accept Medicare they will accept the supplement no matter the company. From this point, the supplements vary a little and are a building block. Plan N: $20 co-pays, Part B deductible $185 yearly and excess charges. Plan G: Part B deductable $185 yearly. Plan F: What we call the Cadillac plan, you won’t see a Medical bill on this plan. Give us a call today! We’d love to explain the plans to you in more detail and find the one that works best for you!