Why Life Insurance and Why Now?

You typically don’t hear a lot about Life Insurance until the time comes that you lose a parent, spouse, or loved one, and you must deal with the financial aspects of death while you grieve. It’s not pleasant to think of yourself, or someone close to you, eventually passing. We normally don’t like to deal with this sort of thing until we have to, but in this instance, your best choice is to plan for tomorrow before tomorrow comes. Your family will thank you, for as they’ve had to make hard decisions after losing someone they loved, they didn’t have to worry about finances, because you planned ahead and made sure they were covered. The average funeral cost ranges from $7,000-$9,000, and typically a funeral is the third largest expense for a family. By planning ahead, you will not only help your family, but you will have peace of mind because you have taken care of final costs. If you answer the hard questions now, your family won’t have to later. There is no medical exam required to purchase a plan and your premium will remain the same – it won’t increase. By purchasing a Whole Life Insurance Policy now, you can guarantee one that your loved ones won’t have to worry about money when the time comes. Give us a call today and we can help you protect you and your future! 844-437-4253 Toll-Free.

What People Are Saying:

“Thanks for the help Zach! After retirement I quickly found myself injured requiring hospitalization and Surgery, free time got the best of me. Thank goodness I had reviewed my options and was able to choose a plan with an affordable premium and great coverage. My hospital stay as well as my thumb surgery, cost me a total of $14.24. Thanks again SBI for taking the time to make sure my coverage was adequate.” 

-Frank B., FL.

“I have been a policy holder with Aetna since 2015. There is so much information concerning medical insurance for seniors, it can be a confusing time when you first become eligible. Nicholas Keene is my Agent and advised me of the many differences in policies. I chose Aetna’s Plan G Medicare Supplement so there won’t be any surprises on medical bills.The best advice Nick gave me was the difference between a Medicare Supplement Plan and an Advantage Plan. I was completely in the dark as most seniors are. Thank You Nick for your guidance.” 

-Judy K., TN.

“My experience with Aetna and my agent, Nick Keene, was wonderful. He answered all of my questions very thoroughly, explained options to me and advised me on the policies to considered. He was very understanding of my needs and helped me to choose which supplement I should take. I would highly recommend Senior Benefit Inc and their services.” 

-Diane S., TN