Part A of Medicare

It’s already Wednesday and we are ready to start with a big topic. We know Medicare is overwhelming and sometimes confusing to those who are new. 

We are here to clear some things up for you and give you a breakdown of Medicare. Original Medicare is government ran and consists of two parts. This week we will discuss Part A, hospitalization.

You will automatically receive Part A of Medicare on the 1st of the month you turn 65. While you were working you paid into your Part A, must have worked 40 quarters (roughly 10 years) to receive it. You receive Part A at 65 even if you are still working it will not affect your health insurance through work. Once you choose to go onto original Medicare and except Part B (we will discuss next week) Part A will only cover you if you are admitted to the hospital.

Some of the benefits of Part A you have no networks; you can go to any hospital as long as they accept Medicare. Part A only has a deductible of $1,364 and has a 60-day window of care. This means if you are discharged from the hospital and have to go back 20 days later your deductible does not start over. The hospital can reserve your bed for up to 10 days meaning if you are discharged and come back within that window they will give you the same room.

Be sure to check back next week when we go over Part B of Medicare. And as always feel free to call us 844.437.4253 Toll-Free or reach out to us through social media at any time with any questions!

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