Medicare Advantage Plan

Hello and welcome back to our Weekly Wednesday!

This week we will briefly discuss Part C of Medicare (Medigap), also known as a Medicare (Medigap) Advantage Plan. There are three main types PPO, HMO, and PFFS. Part C of Medicare (Medigap) actually replaces both your Part A and B of Medicare (Medigap). Therefore, if you are on an Advantage Plan you will have similar gaps as Original Medicare (Medigap). 

On a Medicare (Medigap) Advantage Plan you will have roughly a $250-300 a day deductible in the hospital the first five days. You will also pay roughly 20% of all your medical bills and pay as high as $6,700 inside your network. Medicare (Medigap) Advantage Plans also have co-pays that are included in your max out of pocket. Lastly, they have networks and depending on what type of plan you have you will pay the full cost of care outside of your network. However, an Medicare (Medigap) Advantage Plan does include some vision and dental coverage, as well as most plans, offer drug coverage. These plans can only be bought during your Open Enrollment Period or the Annual Enrollment Period.

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