Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)

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You may wonder what the differences are between Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan and a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C).

Medicare Supplement Plans fill in the gaps Original Medicare leaves and a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) takes over your Original Medicare (Parts A and B).

A Medicare Supplement Plan doesn’t have networks you can go to any hospital or doctor in the US as long they accept Medicare. With a Medicare Advantage Plan, you have networks, and if you choose a provider outside of your network, you may be responsible for 100% of the charges.

Your Medicare Supplement cannot be cancelled as long as your premiums are being paid. However, Medicare Advantage Plans are approved yearly and can be dropped.

When it comes to Prescription Drug Plans (Part D), you can purchase some Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) that include Drug Coverage; they are called MAPD’s. But, with a Medicare Supplement Plan, you will need to purchase this coverage separately.

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