Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke

Cancer, heart attack and stroke are three of the top four causes of death in America. With today being World Cancer Day and February is National Heart Awareness Month, what better time to ask yourself, “If one of those happened to me would I be covered?” Half of all men and one out of three women will develop some form of cancer in their life. 920,000 Americans will have a heart attack this year alone.
Medicare will cover a lot of the medical costs incurred by these, but all three of these diseases carry non-medical costs that can greatly affect your recovery. At Senior Benefit Inc. we offer several different plans to help you off-set these costs. All of our plans are lump-sum payout on 1st diagnosis. This lump-sum payout can help you offset the cost of travel, prescriptions, experimental treatment, missed time from work as well as much more.

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